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Experience You Can Depend On

Millen Civil is a family-owned, Geelong-based company dedicated to providing local organisations with a broad range of below-ground plumbing and drainage services.

While our current company has been operating under the Millen business name since 2000, the Millen family has been involved in plumbing and drainage for over 40 years! Our founder, Ty Millen, continues to oversee all projects, ensuring that every client receives that signature Millen touch.

Bringing his expertise to generations of Millens, Ty has made serving businesses and organisations in the Geelong area a family value for decades. Such experience means that each new member of our team is trained by an expert with decades of industry experience, building upon techniques that have been shaped by half a century of practice and knowledge.

Innovations for Today

Millen Civil is excited to introduce our signature “no dig” pipe repair system. This innovative process allows plumbing and drainage work to be operated from above ground through existing pipes and openings.

All we need is an access point the size of a normal household door—no more excavating and no more mess! It’s the perfect solution for the organisation that wants to continue serving clients and constituents while undergoing restoration and repair.

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Expertise at a Fraction of the Cost

Our qualified, registered plumbers are all Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) members, meaning that you can be confident that your service comes from the best in the industry. Our current Quality Assurance system ensures that your business is as minimally disrupted by your plumbing overhaul as possible, providing you with an economic, efficient, and high quality solution to all your plumbing needs.

We utilise only the best strategies, thoroughly trained employees, and highest rated equipment to ensure that our customers are satisfied that they have received the very best available in the plumbing industry of today.

With half a century of experience, a wide range of services, a history of satisfied clients, and the best equipment available, Millen Civil is the best choice for Geelong plumbing and drainage solutions.