Leading Underground Plumbing Experts for Geelong Businesses

Our expert plumbers can help solve all your commercial below-ground sewage and drainage problems—we have never found a project that we couldn’t tackle in almost twenty years as a company! Here at Millen Civil, we specialise in projects that are often too specific, time constrained, logistically challenging, or equipment heavy for other firms to tackle.

Our extensive expertise means that we’re always thrilled to hear your unique requests!

Commercial Specialisation

We work to ensure that your business continues running as smoothly as possible during your plumbing installation or refurbishment project. This means that we not only complete your project in a timely manner, but we also ensure that there is as minimal of an impact on your clientele and day-to-day operations as possible.

Civil Contracting

With a long history of providing excellent quality services to government organisations, Millen Civil has built a reputation as the go-to plumbing and drainage company in the Geelong area. We know that civil agencies often work with a tight budget, which is why we ensure that you receive a competitive value for exceptional service.

Confined Space Entry Works

Due to the wide-reaching scope of our equipment, we are able to handle unusual projects that plumbing and drainage organisations with less of an investment in machinery simply cannot manage. Some of these projects include spaces with limited access/availability and confined space entry works. With an opening merely the size of a household door, we can get your job done!

Underground Plumbing

Our innovative “dig free” methods make underground plumbing far from the nightmare organisations have come to expect. We ensure that such projects are as pain-free and efficient as possible, so that what may have seemed like a huge inconvenience becomes just one more item checked off your to do list.

Equipment Assistance

At Millen Civil, we pride ourselves on being equipment experts. This means that we not only have the latest, highest quality, best-maintained machinery and tools available, but that we are also happy to share our expertise with our clientele. We understand that self-sufficiency is important to many organisations, which is why we ensure that you are comfortable with all the services and knowledge that you receive.

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